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Field Trips for 2023 0

Field Trips for 2023

Augusta Aiken Audubon Society – Field Trips Here are the field trips for the first part of 2023. Posted by Lois Stacey Jan 7 – Brickyard Ponds – we’ll meet at the Popeye’s at...


Field Trips for the Rest of 2022

Lois has scheduled field trips for the remainder of 2022! Come out and join fellow nature enthusiasts and learn about the wildlife in the area. Most of the excursions are local, and all of...


Field Trips for 2022!

Who wants to get out and see the natural areas in and around Augusta? Here are a variety of opportunities for the first part of 2022. Most of these are free, though a few...


2021 Field Trips Announced!!

Chapter president and field trip chair, Lois Stacey, has announced the planned field trips for the remainder of 2021. From June 12 to the end of the year, the following field trips are available...

2021 Field Trips Announced! 0

2021 Field Trips Announced!

The field trips for the first half of 2021 are here! Mark your calendars now. January 16 – Phinizy Waterfowl field trip. This is a Phinizy event. Sign up on their page: January...


Field trips for 2020 Updated!

The field trips for 2020 have been updated and details provided. Come out and enjoy time with enthusiastic naturalists in some of the best outdoor spots in the area. Trips focus on birds, butterflies,...