Field Trip Report for Lover’s Lane – 2 November 2019

It was just a bit chilly in the morning for the Lover’s Lane trip but the sun was shining and the day just got nicer. There were a lot of blackbirds on the trip, both Red-winged and Common Grackle as it’s fall and time to group up. We saw two Red-tails near the power lines, an area that a pair have nested in for many years. There were a few sparrows around including Song, Swamp and Savannah and lots of Ruby-crowned Kinglets and a few Palm Warblers. In amongst all of that we found a late Prairie Warbler and a Northern Parula!  It seemed like a slow morning but in the end we ended up with 45 species. As we were on our way out a white butterfly flew across the road, then there were two more in the field. We shouldn’t have any large, white butterflies here so we chased one down and found two, possibly a third, Checkered White. They were not a county record, but they are a rare find for Richmond County.

Link to eBird report:

— Lois Stacey

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