Augusta-Aiken Audubon Bi-Monthly Meeting Minutes January 14, 2021

Attendees to the 14 January 2021 Augusta Aiken Audubon Chapter meeting began gathering via Zoom between 6:30pm and 7:00pm.  At 7:05pm, Shane Sherwood, the technical orchestrator for the evening’s presentations, advised that we begin.  In-coming Chapter President, Lois Stacey, kicked the meeting off.


Lois brought up two items of business to cover before the 11th Annual Show and Tell presentations began.

  1. Lois is working on the annual report.  Please provide her with any necessary input.
  2. Officer elections for the year need to be finalized.  Brandon Heitkamp  has agreed to be Vice President.  Gerald May has indicated that he would be pleased to remain Treasurer.  Mark Chandler said that he would be able to take on the role of Secretary.  Lois asked for any comments or discussions.  Receiving no substantive input, she asked those present to vote. The vote carried — no one voted in the negative.


Next, the Show and Tell presentations of birds and other wildlife photographed in 2020 were given by Herb Fechter, Bill Lutin, Gene Howard, John Demko, Mary Pallon, and Lois.  Shane emceed the presentations, and provided the technical acumen to present them in the virtual meeting.  Hearty thanks to Shane for the facilitation.  Also, tremendous thanks to the presenters – the pictures and voice-over were excellent and well received by all present.


Lois noted that the next meeting would be in March and would also be virtual.  Doug Walker is arranging for a presentation on Native Plants by Jenks Farmer.

Around 8:30pm, the meeting wrapped up and we adjourned.

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