Augusta-Aiken Audubon Bi-Monthly Meeting Minutes March 11, 2021

Attendees to the 11 March 2021 Augusta Aiken Audubon Chapter meeting gathered via Zoom at 7:00pm.  Chapter president Lois Stacey brought the meeting to order and passed the mic to Doug Walker to introduce the guest speaker.  About twenty people were present.


The program chair, Doug Walker, announced that at the next meeting, two months hence, Matt Johnson will talk about his geo-location based Swainson’s Warbler project that will be conducted at Silver Bluff Audubon Sanctuary.

Next, he introduced the speaker for the evening’s program, Jenks Farmer.  Mr. Farmer of Jenks Farmer, Plantsman ( talked to the attendees about a variety of natural gardens that he has designed and constructed.  The gardens are inspired by South Carolina wilderness and native plants, and Mr. Farmer included details on specific plants, explaining how they function to bring all sorts of diversity to urban and suburban landscapes.  


After the presentation, Lois transitioned to the business portion of the meeting.

  • The financial report details received from the treasurer were relayed.
  • It was noted that a SC DNR notice has been posted asking residents to take down feeders due to an outbreak of salmonella in Pine Siskins.  Feeders should be thoroughly cleaned.  If sick or dying birds are present, feeders should remain down for two to three weeks.
  • It was announced that there were no plans for a birdathon this year.
  • The May 1st migration count will still occur, and participants should stick to their historic territories.  Contact Lois for additional information if interested.
  • The Vice President, Brandon Heitkamp, noted that Silver Bluff Audubon Sanctuary receives significant funding from the birdathon and people who generally contribute through the birdathon should feel free to contribute financial support directly to Silver Bluff Audubon.
  • The chapter does not currently have an education chair.  Anyone interested or knowing of a good candidate should contact Lois.
  • Virginia Allen recommended the chapter should consider an auction (e.g. a Facebook auction) to raise funds in lieu of the birdathon.
  • Lois mentioned that the GA Chapter has online classes that are free of charge, and anyone interested should check out the GA Auduon page.  Previous classes include “birding by ear”.
  • Finally, Brandon noted that at Silver Bluff, four of six water control structures have been replaced, and the other two will be completed soon.

A little after 8:00pm, the meeting wrapped up and we adjourned.

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