November Augusta-Aiken Audubon Meeting on the 11th

The Augusta-Aiken Audubon will hold their bi-monthly meeting Thursday November 11 at 7pm at the North Augusta Community Center. The meeting will be streamed over Zoom as well.

The presentation will be Congaree National Park, the Green Heart of South Carolina, presented by Mr. John Cely, Retired Wildlife Biologist with SC DNR, Columbia, SC.

The slide presentation will show some of the unique attributes of Congaree Swamp, its biological diversity, and why it is South Carolina’s only national park.

John is a native Columbian and graduated from Clemson University in 1969 (B.S., Biology) and 1980 (M.S., Wildlife Biology). He was employed for 26 years as a wildlife biologist with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources (DNR) where he specialized in bird studies and surveys for various species including the red-cockaded woodpecker and swallow-tailed kite.

After retiring from DNR he served for five years as the Land Protection Director for the Congaree Land Trust where he worked with private landowners to establish conservation easements on significant rural properties in central South Carolina. John currently serves on the COWASEE Basin Focus Area Task Force and is a board member of the Friends of Congaree Swamp. He is author of COWASEE Basin, The Green Heart of South Carolina and Congaree National Park(for Arcadia Press). He volunteers at the park on a regular basis as well as conducting a monthly nature walk and big tree hike there. He recently finished up a two-year blog about the park which can be found at   www.friendsofcongaree/journals.

Open to the public, please join us at the North Augusta Community Center or by Zoom.

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 924 922 5706 
Passcode: Y3bWLX 

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    I have been trying to find someone to talk to about a hummingbird I had on my balcony for three days. The last day it was here all day from morning until around 4PM. That’s the last time I saw it. It made quite an exit. It was past migration time . I used to relate everything to Yulee Larner.I learned she has passed. Now I am back in Staunton for good at Big Sky Apartments just waiting to see what I have next. I don’t know who to report to. I have been searching for a couple hours to find someone. Sure would like to hear a response from someone in the know. My phone number is 540-569-2770.

    • mtc says:

      Hi Gloria. Thanks for the comment. It sounds like you are up in Virginia versus the Augusta, Ga. area where this chapter of Audubon is. Very nice that you had a hummingbird this late! Hopefully he makes it further south without any issues. If you are trying to connect with members of the Aiken-Augusta Audubon, I suggest checking the Facebook page. The website is mostly used for providing information about trips and meetings.

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