January Show and Tell

Attention Augusta-Aiken Audubon Chapter members and Friends!  

The program for the 7:00 PM Thursday, January 13, 2022 meeting is the annual “Show and Tell” by you!

Our annual Show and Tell meeting will be at the North Augusta Community Center. This will be a hybrid meeting – in person and over Zoom. Come and see what our members have seen over the last year!  The Zoom Meeting invite is at the bottom.

Anyone is invited to “Show” up to twelve (12) digital photographs or PowerPoint slides with a nature theme during the meeting.  Pick out the best of all those bird, butterfly, dragonfly, wild animal, nature, and wildflower photographs that you have and send them to:  leveljohn7@gmail.com, with a subject of “Attention: John Demko, Audubon Show and Tell”. You can also use Dropbox to share the files with John.  John will confirm the receipt of all submissions within two days of receipt.  If you do not get confirmation, something went wrong and it was not received.  Try again.. contact John. You must be present at the meeting for your photos to be shown as you will be responsible to “Tell” us about them.  There are a couple of ground rules.

  1. No videos
  2. You need to let John know in what order you wish the photos to be presented.  The best way is to number them in the file name (e.g.:
    • 1-Ivory-billed_Woodpecker.jpg
    • 2-Carolina_Parakeet.jpg
    • 3-Passenger_Pigeon.jpg
  3. Make sure the files you send are oriented correctly. What you send is “what you will get”.  John will not know which way is “up” in the photo.
  4. Let John know how you would prefer your name to appear in the introduction slide for your group of slides. E.g. “Roger Peterson” or “R. Peterson”.
  5. If you use Dropbox, name your folder of slides with a title with your name or initials in it.  John has gotten multiple submissions in the past that said only “Show and Tell” which caused some confusion on “who sent what”.
  6. We need to receive your photos no later than the end of the day: Thursday, January 6, 2022.

This year the presentation will be in Microsoft PowerPoint, which is the same as last year.  It will be the 2019 edition so if you want to send your photos already in a PowerPoint presentation that is acceptable.  Slides will be inserted into the overall presentation at the proper point.  The order of presenters will be in the order submissions are received.  If for some reason you need to leave early or will arrive late, we will try to accommodate you by moving your presentation accordingly but please do not ask to have it moved on the day of the presentation!

Zoom Meeting Invitation:  

Augusta Aiken Audubon is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic:Augusta-Aiken Audubon January Meeting: Show and Tell
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Meeting ID: 924 922 5706
Passcode: Y3bWLX

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