Augusta-Aiken Audubon Bi-Monthly Meeting Minutes

November 9, 2017

The program was “Birds of Alaska Gambel, St Lawrence Island” by Herb Fetcher. Herb has seen 726 ABA species. There were 28 people in attendance.

Business Meeting

After the program, President Paul Koehler called the meeting to order.

Gerald May provided the treasurer’s report.


The program for January will be the annual “Show and Tell” with potluck. Each presenter is allowed 12 slides. Photo’s need to be submitted to John Demko no later than one week prior to the meeting.

The Christmas Bird Count for Augusta is 12/16. The Christmas Bird Count for Aiken is 12/23.

There is a field trip on Friday 11/10 at 0800 at Phinizy.


Teachers at East Aiken Elementary are using the wildlife garden. The PTA bought bird food. You can visit after 3 pm weekdays, on weekends or contact Alice if you would like her to show you around.

Old Business

There are volunteer opportunities to staff the Audubon Sanctuary at Silver Bluff on Saturdays. There are half day shifts either to open in the morning 0900 -1300 or to close in the afternoon 1300 – 1700. Paul and Brandon are working on a guidebook of FAQ’s and volunteer information. The Silver Bluff Visitor Center has restrooms, refrigerator and WiFi. The purpose is to greet visitors and increase visitation to the center. Contact Paul Koehler to sign up for a volunteer shift.

New Business

A Board Meeting was held on 11/08-17. Committee Chairs were appointed who will also serve as Board Members. Most are the same as the ones who are currently holding the position with the addition of Joan Howard for Hospitality

See Education section for details on the Education Fundraiser. The Board approved paying for the Education Appeal Letter mailing supplies out of the chapter general fund.

The Board approved paying for chemicals for the Adapt-A-Stream, (Hollow Creek and Edisto), up to $500 from the chapter will be paid for 2018 supplies if Collaborative Funding is not received from National.

There will be a Logo Contest to solicit a new design for the chapter. Details are under development and forthcoming.


Approximately 500 direct appeal letters were mailed out to raise money for education. There were 65 responses equating to $3105.50. Beth is in the process of sending emails to teachers regarding the grants for Audubon Adventure Kits. Lois has also posted this on Facebook. Approximately 69 kits can be provided to local schools for students in grades 3-6. The teachers can choose a kit from 7 different areas. Initially 13 responses have come in requesting a kit. It is planned that the teachers will provide feedback on the kit that can be communicated back to the donors. This may encourage donors to sponsor again next year.

Field Trips

Upcoming field trips are posted on the website.


Chestnut sided warblers
Peregrine Falcon
Scarlet Tanager
Worm Eating Warbler
Sedge Wren
American Bittern
Bald Eagle 
Vermillion Flycatcher at Turkey Pond

Mary Pallon